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iReverse Home Loans

Main Number: (503) 399-5444


7625 Sunnyside Road SE 
Salem, OR 97306


A Reverse Mortgage is a reverse mortgage is a step forward in improving your future. I work directly with each Oregon customer on a one-on-one basis this the BEST way to ensure you have what you need. This is my commitment to you . . . direct involvement with you every step of the way!

I adhere to the NRMLA (National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association) code of ethics in conducting business. High ethical standards are NOT a thing of the past with me!

A Reverse Mortgage may be just what you need to make your life easier. There are many here in Oregon that have found this process to be a genuine answer for them. On the personal side, I thoroughly enjoy seeing my customers being helped. It makes everyone happy!

It will be a great pleasure to serve you and to see you receive what you desire through the Reverse Mortgage process. Thank you so much for choosing to work with me — your LOCAL OREGON Reverse Mortgage Specialist!!

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